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Paint, Stain Wood Fence, Deck To Last

Paint, Stain Wood Fence, Deck To Last

Experience has shown that homeowners love wood fences and gates because they are relatively affordable and look beautiful for many years. The key to it is to hire a contractor that has a great deal of experience in installing the fence and deck and then preserving it with a top grade paint or stain. When it comes time to paint, stain, or repair your fence or deck call North Texas Fence and Deck at 972-843-1500.

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The typical fences constructed of the softwood. It's this type of wood is easily broken down, so preservation needs to begin immediately. Taking care of a wooden fence now will extend the useful life and beauty of the fence for years to come.

How to Paint Your Wood Fence

Stop! Don't erect that fence before you paint it. That's right. The best time to paint the fence is before it goes up. However we both know that most fences get painted after their wrecked it or later on down the line when they need to be repainted.

How Long Should the Fence Painting Job Last?

Of course there a lot of things to factor in including the local climate but you should look to repaint your fence every 5 to 10 years. When it's time to repaint your fence you'll need to spend some time prepping for the paint job. This is always this step homeowners want to skip. Some contractors will skip it to. But you will find that North Texas Fence and Deck will do all the steps necessary to make the repaint job of your fence last as long as possible.

Prep the Surface Before Painting or Staining

The preparation stage for painting is probably the most important. It will affect the job for better or for worse. In other words no matter how good a job you do it paining if the surface was not prepared correctly first, you will not get as good a result. Make sure the fences clean my sweeping off and wiping off dirt and cobwebs. We suggest taking a bucket filled with water in a soapy dishwater solution, including some TSP (trisodium phosphate) to clean the surface. You may have to apply little elbow grease here.

An alternative is to use a pressure washer. But use extreme caution. The strong blast of water can do damage the surface of the wood! It's probably better to hire a professional to do this. But even then keep an eye on them to make sure they don't damage the wood.

Use Long Lasting Paints and Stains from a Reputable Paint Manufacture

Make sure the paint that you are using is to be used on wooden fences. Because it's outside and exposed to the elements, the paint or stain should be made to stand up and give you years of lasting beauty and service. Pay special attention that the paint is made for exterior applications and has a long guarantee. Understand that the longer the guarantee, the higher the price of the paint or stain. This is not a good place to cut corners! You can put all the time and effort into doing the job yourself or paying a contractor a lot of money, so make sure that the materials used are the absolute best materials.

You will find that the professionals that we send out to your home will take the time to explain to you the materials that they will use in repainting or staining your fence and deck. Our service area includes Carrollton, North Dallas, Richardson, North Dallas, Wylie and North Dallas. We are licensed and insured for your protection. We pull all the permits required. Call today for a free quote for installing and staining or painting fences and decks.